The beginning of Tikker


We made our first small steps already in 2014, at the Garage48 hackathon. The founders of Tikker wanted to create a way to help people resell their event tickets. The idea came as always - from life itself. We often found ourselves in situations where we wanted to resell our tickets, but there wasn't an online environment to do it. Why not create it ourself?


For six years, Tikker stayed in the shadows. We gathered exciting ideas and interesting thoughts from different fields before a real start with Tikker.


When the stars were finally in our favour, we were ready! In January 2021, we wrote all our old and new ideas on the back of wallpaper and started looking for team. In the summer we finished our first prototype and in October we launched our first major advertising campaign!


Our biggest goal from the very beginning has been to make people’s lives a bit more spontaneous, because unexpected events are always the sweetest!