How Tikker works?

Tikker is a ticket resale platform for events, where the user can sell or buy tickets quickly and reliably. For buyers: 1. The buyer finds the event they want to go to, finds tickets on the event page and presses BUY. 2. The buyer makes the payment using the bank link. 3. The money is deposited in Tikker's account. 4. The PDF ticket will automatically appear under "My Purchases". When buying a paper ticket, both the seller and the buyer see each other's contacts and can agree on a suitable delivery method. 5. In case of paper tickets, the buyer must confirm that they have received the ticket, then the money will be credited to the seller's account. For sellers: 1. The seller finds the event that they want to sell tickets to and presses the SELL TICKET button. 2. If the event does not yet exist, the seller can add a new event (Sell ticket - Add new event) 3. The seller uploads PDF tickets. 4. In case the seller is selling a paper ticket, they must agree to share their contact information with the buyer. 5. The PDF ticket and new event will be uploaded once they have been validated by an admin. 6. Once the ticket has been validated and sold and the buyer has confirmed receipt of the ticket, the seller will receive money for the ticket.