Tikker Tickets terms and conditions

1. GENERAL SETTINGS 1.1 The website http://www.tikkertickets.ee is owned and created by Tikker Piletid OÜ (hereinafter referred to as Tikker) (Business Registry Code 11674397, address Rauna põik 8, 76506, Saue, Harju County). The website is a real-time internet based ticket exchange platform (hereinafter referred to as environment), mostly focusing on tickets for cultural, sports, entertainment, festival and music events. 1.2 By using the environment and purchasing tickets, the customer confirms their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the environment and all other information made available to the customer. 1.3 If a provision in the terms and conditions of the environment turns out to be invalid due to a conflict with the law, it does not result in the invalidity of other provisions. 1.4 Tikker mediates tickets from user to user or sells them on behalf of organizers. When selling tickets through the environment, Tikker does not assume any responsibility for the organization of the event, as well as for its quality and compliance with the pre-event information and advertising promises announced by the organizer. 1.5 By using the environment, the user confirms that all data and confirmations provided by them are valid and correct; they are an actual person with full legal capacity (at least 18 years of age) or has all the rights and mandates to order services on behalf of the user. The previously described statements are presumed to be accurate and Tikker is not obliged to verify them. 1.6 By entering personal data into the environment, a person consents to the transfer of their data to third parties, if it is directly related to the sales process. 1.7 Tikker and the organizer have the right not to execute the customer's order, if the customer has not complied with the environments’ conditions, instructions or orders, including, for example, if the customer is not able to fully prove the purchase. 2. USE OF THE ENVIRONMENT 2.1 The customer is obliged to make purchases and all other operations in accordance with these terms and conditions, and the instructions of use displayed in the environment. The customer is expected to carefully check the validity of the data provided by them when performing each operation. The customer will be held responsible for the accuracy of the submitted information, bearing the risk of possible damages caused by their mistake. Before making a purchase, the environment displays all the data entered by the customer to identify and eliminate input errors. 2.2 Tikker has the right not to execute the customer's order if the customer has not complied with the terms and conditions or instructions or has not paid for the purchase. 2.3 Tickets purchased from Tikker are displayed on the "My Purchases" subpage. If the tickets have not been received under "My Purchases" within one hour after payment, the customer must immediately inform Tikker. The customer is also obliged to notify Tikker of any other errors, inconsistencies or disturbances that prevent the use of the environment. 2.4 When using the environment, the customer is obliged to: 2.4.1 ensure the accuracy of all information provided by them while using the environment, including the validity of tickets sold by them; 2.4.2 not sell an invalid or copied ticket for an event to the best of their knowledge; 2.4.3 not to transmit illegal or otherwise prohibited information through the environment; 2.4.4 not use the environment for speculative or improper acts or fraud; 2.4.5 not send files through the environment that contain viruses or other computer programs or files that can disturb, damage, or otherwise interfere with the use of the environment and that may be stored on other customers' computers and / or disturb, damage, or otherwise interfere with the functioning of computers; 2.4.6 not modify, copy, transmit, sell, reproduce or otherwise use the environment or its content and tickets in any prohibited manner. 2.4.7 if the event is canceled due to reasons beyond the control of the customer, or important details about the event are changed, the seller is obliged to notify the buyer about the changes and we strongly recommend that the buyer checks the information about the event before attendance. 2.4.8 if the event is canceled, the seller is obliged to refund the amount paid for the tickets to the buyer. 2.5 If the customer goes against the conditions set out in clause 2.4, the customer is responsible for selling the invalid ticket, not Tikker or the event organizer. 3. INFORMATION DISPLAYED 3.1 Tikker makes every effort to ensure that the information displayed in the environment about events and ticket sales conditions (including, but not limited to, prices, descriptions and dates) is free from errors and omissions. The environment will use its best endeavors to rectify any errors or omissions as soon as they are discovered. 4. TERMS OF PAYMENT AND FEES 4.1 When buying a ticket through the environment, the customer is required to pay the full price. By paying the fee, the customer confirms that he has read and accepts all the terms and conditions made available by Tikker and the organizer through the environment. 4.2 Ticket prices in the environment are presented in euros and include VAT. 4.3 Tickets can be paid for via Montonio Finance OÜ with Estonian bank links. 5. SUBMISSION OF CLAIMS, TICKET REFUNDS AND CONSUMER RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL 5.1 Please note that Tikker can not handle claims regarding the organization of the event or the conditions attached to the organization, including claims related to the cancellation of the event. 5.2 According to the Law of Obligations Act, the customer and the consumer are not allowed to withdraw from contracts with Tikker if the contract specifies the provision of a service for a certain date or within a certain period or if the contract means booking certain funds, for which it is difficult to find a new user upon withdrawal. The customer and the consumer must take into account that when purchasing tickets, they have no right to cancel and / or return them free of charge within 14 days, regardless of the reasons. In these cases it is possible and recommended to put the ticket back for sale in the Tikker environment. 6. NON-TARGETED USE OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND ITS CONTENT 6.1 Non-targeted use, reproduction, modification and publication of the environment is prohibited. 6.2 Any activity that may result in overloading or disturbances of the environment is prohibited and will be treated as an unlawful attack that will be reported to law enforcements. In the event of such violations, Tikker will unilaterally terminate the provision of any service to the customer immediately. 7. FINAL SETTINGS 7.1 Tikker reserves the right to change the terms and conditions unilaterally and without prior notice. Amendments and supplements to the terms and conditions shall take effect from the date of their publication in the environment, unless otherwise provided in the amendments and supplements. 7.2 The legal relations between the client and the environment are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, court disputes are subject to the Harju County Court. Disputes with consumers are resolved out of court at the Consumer Disputes Committee at Lubja 4, Tallinn, 10115, telefon +372 620 0100. 7.3 Contact information of the environment in matters related to the use of the environment: Tikker Piletid OÜ, Rauna põik 8, Saue, 76506, Harjumaa, tere@tikkerpiletid.ee Terms of use are valid from 05.07.2021